On Da Rocks Mastering offers High-Quality Audio & CD Mastering services to online and local Communities. We cater to musicians, producers, TV & radio stations, and labels of all genres including but not limited to Pop, Dance & EDM, Hip Hop, R&B and Rock. Expect world-class results from Funktasy Mastering with unrivaled sonic detail, clarity and impact. Our studios are located in Montreal, Canada and we work with both major and independent artists and provide a vital step to bridge the gap between amateur and professional recordings. Each project is handled and worked on to its fullest extent to ensure every last bit of quality is present in the final product. Giving full attention to our work ensures that every project bears our unique signature sound and all that is required to make it absolutely perfect.

What Is Mastering?

Mastering is much more than just making a track louder; Funktasy strives to make tracks sound great so that they are not only loud but fully balanced. Care is given to ensure releases stand up to even the best produced material around. With our Mastering service your songs will benefit from:

  • A professional, polished & crisp commercial sound
  • Peak and RMS volume level optimization for the preferred level of relative loudness
  • Low-End Definition improvement for additional power & punch for your tracks
  • Clarity and sheen in the high-end of your mix
  • The latest high-end gear to add warmth to your tracks
  • An established sonic field for all your tracks
  • Mix deficiencies correction with equalization
  • Stereo Image Enhancement
  • Level-matching for a perfect volume flow throughout your songs
  • The correct use of compression for dynamic controlled
  • The removal of all unwanted noise throughout your tracks
  • Time editing and fixing between tracks
  • The insertion of preferred fades if applicable
  • Track arrangement for your project’s final sequence